About Todd


About Todd

Todd developed his love of animals and the outdoors on the family farm.  Welding- a learned necessity on the farm, became an outlet for artistic creation.   Sculpting the likes of small birds and animals on the farm was just plain fun! 

Sculpting creations out of steel has always been a part of life.  Todd pursued his interest in working with steel and received degrees in five different types of welding. 

Todd resides in Cody, WY and takes every chance he can to spend time outdoors.   Travel, hiking, fishing, floating rivers or driving the scenic routes of Montana and Wyoming are just a few of the ways Todd derives inspiration from the outdoors.  Through steel, glass, woods and paint Todd creates art with a touch of abstract or whimsy.  From a life size giraffe to a tiny hummingbird, he enjoys recreating the nature he observes.

It’s his hope that the viewers can see and feel his passion in his creations.  “It’s in the sharing that we all connect!”